At the start of 2012 a customer from the far north came to us with a request a bit different than we are use to. The challenge was to build a bus that could run up and down 90 mile beach as a tourist experience. We had down several buses for the application in the past but extra precautions were to be under taken on this one to increase the expected life of the vehicle in these extremely harsh environments.

The chassis is a heavy duty front engined Scania F310HB4X2. This chassis has a 310hp 5 cylinder engine with Adblu. The body was constructed of a mix of SupaGal RHS and where possible DuraGal channel to help reduce the amount of areas where salt and sand could sit and start corroding.

The interior contained 48 seated belts reclining seat from an Italian seat manufacturer. The floor cover was a rugged yet very nice looking marine carpet type material. All of the engine cover components were covered in a “Tuff Deck” material to ensure the look would last with the driver walking over top of the engine.

The body was given a high clearance all around and particularly in the rear for when they drive through rivers and up sand dunes.