An Enjoyable Journey

A good journey is an enjoyable journey and passengers expect nothing less. We will assess the suitability of a vast number of comfort accessories to please you and your customers. Some of the possibilities frequently evaluated include individual air-conditioning, reclining chairs, a multi-lingual Global Positioning System (GPS), and convenience extras such as a toilet or complete on-board kitchen.

bus interior

bus interior

Sound Control

Nobody wants to hear the engine roar. Our closed cell foam insulates the engine and means that they won‘t have to. This special automotive foam won‘t absorb moisture like many less lasting products.

Temperature Control

Too hot or too cold is not too good. And not a concern for you. Our engine insulation prevents the heat from over-warming passengers. It also reduces the work for any air conditioning systems — extending their life.

bus interior - fridge

bus interior – fridge

Smooth Riding

We optimise axle and suspension loads to produce a gentler ride and enhanced handling. The topography of the road isn‘t to be aware of and less turbulence is something everybody will appreciate.

Sun Control

The standard windows we use are resistant to the effects of the sun. Keeping out excessive heat as well as harmful ultra-violet radiation. This has the added benefit of lessening the demands on your air conditioning system. By controlling intensity, these windows provide a very comfortable, eye-easy level of lighting.

bus interior - cabinet

bus interior – cabinet


A GPS system automatically provides passengers with a running commentary of their trip. Precisely monitored via satellite, tourists will be informed about their surroundings. Multi-lingual options make these a very essential part of every coach carrying an ethnic mix.


We source seating options from the most desirable manufacturers in the world. But should your coach require a custom alternative or deserve a choicer pick it will be outfitted appropriately. If space allows, why not indulge your passengers with a deluxe set of recliners, first class all the way.

bus interior - seat fabrics

bus interior – seat fabrics


Fabric choice sets the general mood and atmosphere of any bus. It‘s often a matter of function as to which fabric will be selected, but the colour plays a large part in establishing ambience too and most fabrics are available in a spectrum of hues. Yet should comfort take precedence, high-grade carpets and plush fabrics provide a luxuriously soft, warm environment.