Kiwi Bus Builders recently finished producing a truck based coach for a customer at the bottom of the South Island.

This chassis was a Hino FG8J powered by a 7.7L 190kW Euro 5 engine with a synchromesh manual gearbox. For a comfortable ride associated with coaches the chassis has air suspension all around including kneeling on the front axle.

Due to the climate of the working environment it was important to supply enough heat for the saloon during winter but also keep in cool during the hot summer months. This was achieve though the use of a high quality air conditioning unit and well designed air ducts as well as 3 more seperate heaters to provide a comfortable temperature throughout the saloon. Luggage was also a priority of this build so we were able to incorporate a large walk in boot at the rear as well as luggage lockers along the sides of the bus.

This bus has a tare weight of 9790kg and has the ability to carry 45 seated adults plus a courier seat and driver as well as 6 adult standees. Total loadings (seated and standing) for other persons are Secondary: 62, Intermediate: 76 and Primary: 92