Our buses on the inside

A good journey is an enjoyable journey and passengers expect nothing less. We will assess the suitability of a vast number of comfort accessories to please you and your customers. Some of the possibilities frequently evaluated include individual air-conditioning, reclining chairs, a multi-lingual Global Positioning System (GPS), and convenience extras such as a toilet or complete on-board kitchen.

Enjoy the ride

Comfort and convenience for every passenger and every driver make for a very comfortable, tireless investment. Custom options range from fabrics to complete on-board kitchens to virtually anything you can conceive. The comfort of all bus travellers, from the driver through to the rear of the bus, cannot be underestimated. In today‘s market, there are many, many options available and many suppliers. After a consultation, we will be able to evaluate the best choices for you. If necessary, we will source seats and other comfort accessories from the world over to meet any particularities your job demands. Who knows, there could well be something unique we could install for that extra competitive edge.

Driver comfort

The Captain of your buses will find much to thank you for. Visual obstructions such as structural pillars have been minimised, while mirror placement and design refinements have eliminated dangerous blind spots thus putting an end to many otherwise stressful moments.

To see your driver through adverse weather conditions, the 84% minimum windscreen wipe requirement has been exceeded. A little touch that makes a very clear difference. Your Driver will find everything in just the right place. Dashboards are well set out with all controls strategically placed. Such as our door openers that are located on the Driver‘s left so their eyes aren‘t needed in two places at once.

Still, there are many other advantages your driver will experience: ample seat access means that

These are just some of our standard benefits. But your bus can be specially customised to accommodate any special needs of your driver. Our way of offering a relaxed and enjoyable term of ownership for all.