A technically better bus

Hesitate and you‘re left behind. In this technological age, improvements are made swiftly. Corporate initiatives keep us at the technological fore. That‘s where every bus has to be.

Advanced technology is required for a flawless customisation process. In-house, we design with leading software and computer networking technology. We‘ve been designing this way for over 20 years. Expertise affords us much flexibility in the technical design stage. Such as the ability to build on any chassis and lengthen it if necessary. We can quickly identify where the loads will rest and compensate for them.

Relocating the engine and gearbox to produce a mid or rear engined version is easily achievable. Need increased luggage capacity? Consider it done. Should you or your passengers have any special needs, such as slip resistant footing or large parcel racks we can accommodate for those too. You name it and we‘ll pull at the limits of our technology to achieve it. After all, the bus business is one of delivery.

In the design process, nothing can be left to chance. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) certifies architectural soundness. Powerful computer systems test for structural stress points. Since operations began we have trusted only one engineering consultant to handle this crucial process.

The precision AutoCAD tools we use mean that nothing is left to chance. One hundred percent accurate, every fitting of every bus is included in these full-scale drawings. Because everything is established from the start there are no surprise costs at the end of the project.

CAD drawings also provide key personnel such as engineers with better access to vital information. Making any technical analysis efficient and fully dependable.

Years down the road, the larger investment made now will return itself many times over in service savings. That‘s a better bus.

Buses are long-term investments and must be made to make money rather than cost it. You can expect your bus to be commercially viable 25 years from now. That‘s a bold statement, but the technology and materials we build with make no compromises on quality. Over the life of your investment this is something you will certainly appreciate.