During 2012 we won a tender to build a library bus for Palmerston North City Council (PNCC). There were many concepts and layouts discussed before a final design was chosen. There were also design changes done during the build as the customer got a better view of the build. We were able to do this during the build process which resulted in a bus that was exactly what the council was after.

The chassis was an Alexander Dennis Enviro 200. This is a low floor city bus chassis designed and built in Scotland. The low emission aspect of the chassis made it a very good choice as a council vehicle to be put on display in different areas of the region.

The bus was also equipped with a lot of electronics to give the bus a clean green image including two solar panels which the results were able to been seen on a display panel on the inside of the bus. On the outside there is a mains power plug in, 4 marine speakers and a large 5m awning above the door for protection from the elements

All the shelving was custom designed to customer specifications and made by our local company KitchenZone who was able to deliver and install a beautifully finished shelving system.

The drivers area includes a toilet and a seat at the front for one passenger. The drivers controls can be locked away from the kids whilst they are on the bus.

The whole project was then finished off with spectacular vinyl work by Admark visual imaging LTD