Great Sights 5 star Coach

Great Sights 5 star Coach

Recently built two 5 star coaches for Great Sights, with 53 seats on a Scania K420EB6x2*4 chassis.
These are luxury coaches with pleasing curved frontage, clean lines and plush interiors are bound for the south Island.

Innovative glass roof

It has an innovative glass roof, composed of eight 4mm thick tinted ‘Supa Grey’ glass panels which while allowing a clear view, they also reduce ultra violet rays and sun glare. which does not compromise to any structural rigidity of the vehicle.

Has feature exterior roof lighting which will enhance the experience.
The glass panels supported by central strut are toughened to withstand an impact of up to 77.97MPa at the edge of the glass which increases to 97.47 MPa as you traverse towards the centre.

Great Sights 5 star Coach Gallery

The coaches are fitted with multilingual commentary units to the rear of each seat which is linked to a GPS. This allows information of the surroundings to be communicated different languages (Great Sights currently offers; Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish) once the coach reaches predetermined destinations. Also included; two pneumatically controlled plug doors which make an effective seal to prevent wind noise, an on-board restroom, fridge for cooled water medicines etc, TV monitors and ample lockable storage in under floor luggage lockers. There is also an extensive sound system with functions including, MP3, i-Pod, PA, DVD all utilizing surround sound in additional to the more standard functions of Radio and CD.

For passenger comfort and safety three point seat belts are fitted to each of the Styleride Silhouette reclining seats, and with the welcome addition of foot rests, mesh pockets for storage and air conditioning everyone should be content to lean back and enjoy the ride.

The Super D3 Thermoking Heating/Cooling air conditioning unit fitted is a top of the line with a heating and cooling capacity of 82Btu/h and 90.0Btu/h, respectively. With a respectable airflow of 4.080m3/hr climate control is almost instantaneous, thereby ensuring passenger comfort.